Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inktober is happening with LittleRavenInk

It's been a while hasn't it? and I feel like I say this every blog post! but here I am, with my studio half overhauled in the chaos of it all there is INKTOBER!  a creative adventure I've watched from the sidelines most years, but this year I'm actually going to participate! I'm nowhere near the caliber of some of the artist I've seen participate in past years but that isn't going to stop me from inking a nook dweller!

My darling friend Julia over at Julia's Bento and I were talking art and drawing as we usually do each day...and we decided that we would tackle Inktober this year! I am heading to Melbourne for 3 days so will be tough to draw while away but I'm going to make sure I draw!
So starting October 1st I will be drawing using my various inky pens and uploading my drawings to Instagram with the hashtags #inktober2015 and also #raveninktober I may also do a Youtube video but that I'm unsure of! I will do a Friday post here on the blog showing my weeks worth of inkings!

If you are going to participate in Inktober please leave a comment below with your IG name or your blog where you're going to post your drawings I would so love to see them!

Take care! Seeya next with with some drawings!
x Courtney


  1. Ohh haven't seen that ink before :) Loving all your inky drawings hun. Muah!

  2. Hi Courtney! I just watched one of your you tube videos and the art is fantastic but I love the song too! What song is it? It was a post from 2011, an art journal half page. Anyway, you are a talent. Let me know about the song! Thank you!

    1. Hi Gwen, the song is
      "What Have I Done" by Anna Ternheim
      hope that helps!
      x Courtney

  3. I sort of wanna get in on InkTober this year. I did my ink drawing yesterday, but it kind of sucked. I'm used to drawing with a no. 2 pencil, with all that gradient and shading and all that. I find myself wanting to shade everything when I use ink so I end up scratching all these lines everywhere to attempt cross-hatch and hatch shading, but it ends up looking dark, scribbly, and awful, and the main lines become practically invisible.
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  9. So beginning October first I will be drawing utilizing my different inky pens and transferring my illustrations to Instagram with the hashtags #inktober2015 and furthermore #raveninktober I may likewise do a Youtube video yet that I'm uncertain of! I will do a Friday post here on the blog demonstrating my weeks worth of inkings! Essay Help

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
Ink and Love